The New York State Bar Association’s Continuing Legal Education

A founding partner of a New York-based boutique law firm, Joseph Treff has experience with a wide assortment of real estate issues, including closing, financing, and title report review. Joseph Treff graduated from Brooklyn Law School with honors and is a member of the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA).

The nation’s largest voluntary state bar organization, the New York State Bar Association has over 74,000 members and remains dedicated to the same ideals it was founded on in 1876: professional courtesy, honor, integrity, and skill in the field. Open to lawyers who are admitted to practice in the state, NYSBA offers members a number of benefits, including a range of savings programs, law practice and career resources, professional development and networking opportunities, and continuing legal education (CLE).

With more than 225 CLE programs every year, the NYSBA offers courses that are fully accredited at every level on topics such as arbitration, mediation, and workers’ compensation. The organization’s CLE committee designs programs, products, and activities to meet the highest standards and most reasonable prices in the state. The NYSBA’s live programs are often provided as webcasts that are available for video replay to reach as many members as possible.


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