Attorney Joseph Treff of Treff & Lowy PLLC practices real estate and banking law. In addition to corporate and private investors, he represents banks and private equity groups as they progress through complex real estate transactions and legal disputes. While Joseph Treff has extensive experience in courtrooms, the attorneys at the firm pride themselves on choosing alternatives to litigation whenever possible. When attempts at negotiation and mediation fail, however, Treff pursues the legal avenues and strategies that best suit each unique situation.

In addition to helping clients work through existing disputes, Joseph Treff guides them into investments and agreements designed to minimize the likelihood of future issues. He facilitates sophisticated transactions for real property around the United States. He commonly handles the acquisition, development, and leasing of office buildings, condominium developments, nursing homes, warehouses, and other commercial and retail properties. He also oversees the relationship among co-lenders and between creditors and lenders; condominium offering plans and sales; the disposition of assets for not-for-profit and religious corporations; and other real estate transactions.

Real estate clients also consult with Joseph Treff for guidance regarding assets that require financial restructuring, including private equity funds, short-term loan arrangements, construction financing, and conduit financing.

Besides its Real Estate and Banking Law group, Treff & Lowy is comprised of Commercial Litigation and Insurance Litigation groups. Through these practices, Treff and his colleagues help clients find elegant, creative solutions to their multifaceted disputes.

Joseph Treff graduated from Brooklyn Law School with honors in 1999. At present, he is licensed to practice law in New Jersey and New York.


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